Features of Our Educational Place Mats

Real-Life Photography


Kids are more engaged and focused when they see actual pictures - and that's what you want. Children who are happy and learning- at Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast or anytime! 



Our mats are washable so,clean-up is a snap! To clean you just wipe with a soapy sponge - and they are ready to use again! 

Made in America

Handwriting Educational Placemat for Kids. Children can practice cursive and manuscript letters.

BrainyMats are made in America with the highest quality plastic lamination. We only use polypropylene plastic which is approved by the FDA for use in products like yogurt cups and straws and many other food containers.

Promotes Conversation

Brainy mats table mat map of the United States with state capitols

BrainyMats promote conversation with your child. By asking questions about the images on the mat you can spark a conversation. "Can you find the letter B?" "Did you know President Taft got stuck in the bath tub!" Questions and interesting facts will get them talking.

BrainyMats FAQs

Brainy mats learning to set the table educational plastic place mat. Table manners are on the back.

Q: Can I put your mat in the dishwasher?

A: No, BrainyMats are meant to be cleaned with a soapy sponge.

Q: What are your placemats made from?

A: We use high quality polypropylene plastic.


You can write on both sides of every Brainy Mats educational place mats. Your child can use wipe-off type markers or wipe-off crayons! Our table mats are designed to help children learn basic skills like handwriting to advanced subjects like the Periodic Table of Elements. Our educational placemats for kids will help boost your child's confidence at school and that makes every parent feel good!