Map of the United States Place Mat for toddlers. Educational USA place mats for kids double-sided

USA Mat by Brainy Mats

United States Map

Learning is fun even at meal-time with this educational place mat! What a great way to get your child interested in learning the states and their capitals! The USA mat has all states labeled on the front in color along with each capital. The back is in black and white with just the outlines of the states to tests your knowledge. This is a perfect first learning tool! It's less cluttered than other maps for easy early learning! Give your child a head start in school!


Less Cluttered -Perfect for young learners easier to retain basic information. Kids will learn the basic geography of America faster!

Doubled-Sided -The front is in full color with the states in color with the capitals labeled, The back is in black and white with only the outline of each state with a dot where the capital is located.

Safely Made in the USA- BrainyMats uses durable thick plastic in all their placemats.  FDA approved polypropylene plastic is used to laminate each mat. This is the same type of plastic used in straws, yogurt cups and many other food containers.

Writeable - Your child can write on both sides with wipe-off markers or wipe-off crayons. Your children will be able to make notes on the front and fill in the test on the back of this USA map!

Washable - Quickly clean the surface --just wipe with a soapy sponge and it ready to use again! Easy clean-up at meal-time is a real time saver for parents!

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