periodic table practice educational place mat washable double sided made in the usa

Periodic Table Mat

Periodic Table Place Mat

 Learning starts at mealtime with this Periodic Table Mat! You will be suprised how much your child will learn with this educational place mat! This placemat has the latest elements Flerovium and Livermorium. The front is full-color with the element's name atomic number, atomic weight and the element's symbol' The back side is in black and white and test your knowledge. You can write on this Periodic Table Mat with dry-erase markers or wipe-off crayons. You can easily clean this mat - just wipe with a soapy sponge. Made in the USA for safety. Make meal-time learning time with this educational placemat! 

Our educational place mats are double-sided, washable and writeable and BPA free. This is the perfect mat for your student!

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