Math Mats Skills Set

Math Skills Set

Our set of Math Skills place mats will get your child's math skills soaring! These are the same mats parents have endorsed and kids have loved since 2007!

Here's What You Get:

  • Addition and Subtraction Mat -Need to learn addition and subtraction tables? This mat teaches both. Full color front shows both addition and subtraction tables with answers. The black and white back asks the student to solve the problems. You can write your answers with wipe-off markers or wipe-off crayons.
  • Multiplication and Division Mat- Give your child confidence with Multiplication and Division with this educational place mat! The front gives the answers to all common multiplication and division problems zero through 9. The back is in black and white with the same equations, but with no answers. Kids can test their knowledge learned on the front! You can write on this placemat using wipe-off type markers, wipe-off crayons or overhead projector grease pencils.This mat is excellent for anyone who wants to sharpen their math skills!
  • Fractions Mat - What kid doesn't like pizza! Learning fractions is simple when kids can see fractions with this fun placemat! The front has real pictures of a pizza pie cut into fractions and labeled. The back is in black and white and test your knowledge. Like all BrainyMats these educational placemats are proudly made in the USA and is BPA free!
  • Multiplication Practice Mat -This kids placemat is for multiplication table review. Practice makes perfect and with this placemat children can practice their multiplication tables. With a wipe-off marker or wipe-off crayon kids can re-use this mat over and over until they get those tables memorized. It gives kids another way of learning multiplication tables. This practice mat is a good addition to learning by flash cards because it uses both visual and writing skills.
  • Handwriting Mat -Have a child that needs to learn to print or write in cursive then this is the mat you have been looking for! Each side shows how to form all the letters in cursive and manuscript. Each letter is shown with numbered brush strokes to show the order in which all letters are made. Great for students of all ages!
  • Soccer Mat -Do you have a soccer lover in your family? This mat teaches the basics of the game. Good sportsmanship is stressed along with teamwork. Both sides are full color. The back teaches the different positions and basic rules. Like all Brainy Mats these mats are made in the USA! You can write on both sides using wipe-off type markers or wipe-off type crayons, The mat is easy to clean all you do is wipe with a moist cloth or sponge. A wonderful mat for those kids just learning the sport of soccer! Goal!

    All these mats make great educational supplies for parents who know the importance of math fundamentals before moving to upper level math!

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