Explorer Mats

Our Explorer Set of Placemats


Our Explorer Mats features our colorful, double-sided educational place mats for kids. This is a wonderful set of kids place mats. The same quality mats parents have trusted and kids have loved since 2007!

Here's What's Included:

Map of the USA Place Mat:  The front is in full color with each state in different colors. Each is labeled with the state's name and the state capitol. The back is in black and white and tests what was learned on the front. All the states are outlined but -with no names! Can you name all the states? Your child can write on this and all BrainyMats table mats with wipe-off markers. A great kids placemat, perfect for the young child- simple and less confusing!

World Map Place Mat: This mat is like our map of America place mat. Each country is defined with different colors. Countries and oceans are labeled on the front. The back has countries outlined in black and white. Students are asked to identify each country. Your child will learn a lot - which is a win for parents!

US Presidents Place Mat: Our Presidents mat is double-sided with colorful pictures of each President on the front and back. The front shows each President with his party affiliation and years in office. The back has the same pictures in color but, the names are removed. Throw in a little history trivia - and you will spark their learning! 

Periodic Table of Elements: This chemistry mat has all the elemental symbols with atomic weights. The element groups are done in different colors. The back is in black and white with just the element's symbol. Your child must fill in the full elemental name. A great practice tool for the chemist in your family!

State Flags Place Mat: All the flags of our 50 States are pictured on the front with the State's names. The back is in black and white with the flags pictured and the State's name removed. Can you name the Flags of the USA?

Navigating the Maze: This is a mat made for the puzzle lover in your family! The front has a maze in color that your child can write on with wipe-off markers. The back has a series of dots in a grid pattern. This is where the fun starts as your kid can create their own mazes over and over again! 

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